Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Basic Introduction to Orthotropics/MEWING


This is where to start when it comes to facial aesthetics.
Ignore the everything else until you build   a solid foundation, this is like working out, you need to build up a good foundation (good form, main compound lifts) in order to build off from. If your foundation sucks, the whole thing will just fall apart.

What is Orthotropics?

Orthotropics is the way in which people are discovering, you can change your face, structure and teeth through the use of different mouth exercises, posture, tongue posture. 

Orthotropics requires consistent effort and practice, for the full effects that will come into effect in the long term rather than short term, it could take many years to see significant results, but what you get is deffinatley worth it. 

Where to start?

Tongue posture, tongue posture is critical for a correct bite, straight teeth and strong facial support. The sooner you fix this and get it into check the better. 
Tongue posture is what so many people have wrong, and  that for most, is unheard of.

The tongue is supposed to sit with the tip touching the ball behind the top teeth, and the back of the tongue touching the roof of the mouth with the whole mouth closed up with a good lip seal. This provides a solid support for the upperface and prevents the Maxilla (jaw) from pressing down to much force, which causes Bruxism and the like, this is stopped because the tongue provides a very strong ressistance and pressure to hold up the upper face. 

Tongue Posture Benefits

Correcting tongue posture after a duration of time will start to increase the size of your palate, and bring the maxilla (arguably the most important part of the face for attractiveness) upwards and forwards. This will give you a stronger jawline, stronger cheekbones, more defined facial features and many health benefits like increased nasal airway.

Tips For Tongue Posture

 Try swallowing and holding it until you feel the sensation of the back of your tongue coming up and touching the roof of your mouth while keeping the tip touching the ball behind your front teeth. 

Excuse the crude illustration but for those who have trouble imagining it.


Results should start to show after the first couple of months of doing it properley, the aim is to fall asleep and your tongue still be firmly touching the roof of your mouth. Once it becomes a subconcious action is when the major effects will start to come through as well as the steady process of palate expansion.


Everyone wants to improve themselves, but the main question is, what lengths will you traverse, in order to reach this goal?

This is a no-f*cking-around guide to improving yourself to the best of your abilities, through the body and mind. 

No we don't just mean working out, this is everything intertwined with aesthetics.

This is a guide to aesthetics. If you're absolutley sick and tired of the way you look, well then this  website is for YOU.  Not the guy who is just having a bad day and  not the guy who hates the way his hair curls at the tips. This is for the person who  is having  bad day every damn day and is ticked off by everything about themselves and more than willing to put in the effort to totally evolve.

Doesn't matter what age you are (though admittedly the younger the greater chance of absolute change).

If you have the TMEW


You most certainly CAN change. 

This site is dedicated into how you will go about that, and reccomended main points to focus on  from my own experiences and all the information I have stockpiled from countless research to bring a deffinitive guide to Besting Yourself.